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Why a Ground Parallel Coffin Bone?

The argument about the ground parallel coffin bone is endless. Some say it needs to be 3-5° elevated in the back, others do not pay attention to the issue at all. For our school it is the backbone of our hoof care efforts.

At Equine Soundness we teach the necessity of the ground parallel coffinbone.

Here is why:

1.) The outer edge of the coffin bone is very sharp. Any deviation from ground parallel would pinch the circumflex artery that surrounds the edge of the coffin bone and nourishes the sole corium.

2.) If the coffin bone is not ground parallel, there are unphysiological forces on the entire hoof structure which lead over time to a dysfunction of the hoof.

3.) The meridian end points, also known as ting points, are on the coronet band. Any deviation from the correct form leads to improper stimulation of the meridian endpoints and therefore impacts the function of the major organs.

4.) An unbalanced coffin bone impairs hoof mechanism. Hoof mechanism is important to assist with the blood being pumped up the leg, as there are no muscles in the lower leg to help with the blood pumping.


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