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Diploma Level

Equine Soundness Diploma Level


Participating in an intro /refresher workshop or seminar presented by Carola Adolf or designated clinician
Desire to help equines (horses, ponies, donkeys) rain, hail or shine
Experience in handling equines
Reasonable physical health and strength
Becoming a naturopathic hoofcare “specialist” and outstanding practitioner and educator


Willingness to consistently study (online) we recommend approx. 5 hours per week
Attending three 5 day (15 days intensive, one-on-one practical training) Cadaver work, basic dissections, live trims. At campus and in the field.
Attending monthly, scheduled online meetings (1-2 hours) with your mentor to discuss monthly homework submissions, discuss corrections and clarify study material
Assisting and travelling with an ES instructor or graduate for at least 6 hours as “work-experience”. (You can arrange for more)
Submitting three case studies (12 months of consecutive trimming, same horses, written assessments and before and after pictures, each trim. Must include one “de-shoeing”/transition, one laminitis/founder case and one performance barehoof horse )
Sitting a “Final exam” (3 hours) and taking a practical exam before designated assessors. Horse(s) will be provided. (85% pass rate needed)
Writing and submitting a thesis of a well researched hoofcare subject of your choice, which makes you an expert on that subject. We will support your efforts!
(Please note – “we train to competency” and we only let you go into the exams if we are sure you are well prepared.


Practical competence and understanding of the requirements to perform basic hoof maintenance and corrective as well as orthopaedic hoof rehabilitation and relevant health care
Basic record keeping and client liaison
Equine Soundness Diploma Level Award
Access to 10% discount to ES Continued Education workshops (if your thesis is chosen as presentation, you will participate free of charge)
Trade listing on our website and referrals (if applicable)
Career opportunity with Equine Soundness (seminar presenter, instructor, assistant instructor, mentor)
Access to fb alumni page (closed support group)
Possibility to become member of the IICT group with access to practitioner insurance

Price : AU$ 5.500
(instalments possible, apply with School)