Equine Soundness Inc. ~ Hoofnaturopathy ~ Bare Hoof Care

An international & Unique School for Holistic Bare Hoof Care Education Vocational & Interest-based Learning - Professional & Horse-owner Training

Workshops & Seminars

“Hands-on” Introduction / Refresher Workshops, ideal for horse-owners wanting to learn how to care for their own horses better.

Entry requirement for aspiring ES students.
Participation can be used for ACEHP mentorship credits (partly subsidised).

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Professional Courses

Become a Hoofnaturopath

Equine Soundness Certificate Level
Equine Soundness Diploma Level
Continued Education Workshops

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Our instructors

Successful technicians and selected teachers, trimming actively working horses as well as horses needing lameness rehabilitation.

Practical guidance, mentorships and practicums to ensure professional students learn the trade of trimming.

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Why a Ground Parallel Coffin Bone? The argument about the ground parallel coffin bone is endless. Some say it needs to be 3-5° elevated in the back, others do not pay attention to the issue at all. For our school […]

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In our teaching philosophy we strive to develop every student individually. To achieve this, we use a variety of supportive materials and media, and a structured approach to learning. The course follows clear outlines in logical steps, each phase of […]

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