The founder of the Equine Soundness School, Claudia Garner and all of the original instructors graduated from the Strasser Hoofcare Professional Program.

After years of experience in the field as busy practitioners and working with extreme hoofcare problems in an elaborate clinic set-up in South Carolina, we strive to convey to our students what we have found to work. Because of our solid understanding of how the hoof works, we dismiss trends and erroneous interpretations of science, proven techniques, use common sense and logic. We teach compassion and respect for nature and strive to improve the life of the equines in our care and therefore that of their owners. We “do no harm” but also “understand”, “enhance” and “improve”.

The welfare of our patients is paramount.

Understanding the detailed anatomy and physiology of the horse, along with the anatomy and functions of the hoof is of vital importance for a successful trim that works for the horse. We apply naturopathic principles and address the causes of any unsoundness holistically. This approach require a broad understanding of all aspects influential to the Equine life, including environment, nutrition, and specific knowledge in Hippology, Physics and more. We focus on helping the animal to become the healthiest and happiest it can be without getting lost in science. We teach practical and applicable hoofcare practices, educating the owners of our patients to be the best owners they can be to make educated decisions.

Our mantra is to respect the individual and the temporare or permanent challenges (s)he might have. We question old and new paradigms and do the best we can, every time.

In our teaching philosophy we strive to develop every student individually.

“Uno Alla Volta”

To achieve this, we use a variety of supportive materials and media, and a structured approach to learning. The courses follows clear outlines in logical steps, each phase of training is building on the next, with knowledge evaluations at each step, so nobody is left behind and every necessary aspect is mastered by every student. We use a student-centered approach, and honor the all-important fact of teaching science that a student learns better when in a relaxed frame of mind. We make learning fun, easy and effective!

Our instructors are successful technicians trimming the actively working horse as well as horses needing lameness rehabilitation. This knowledge is passed on and then supported in all aspects of the program including mentoring with instructors. We care about our students and their success, so we go to great lengths, developing individuals to their full potential, and delivering a diverse and naturopathic trimming method that works. A solid knowledge foundation means our students are competent hoofcare practitioners who can make a difference and stand out from the “main field”.

Phone:  0437 43 83 243   International: +61 437 483 243
Equine Soundness Inc.
Lot 9, Acton Road
Bass, Victoria 3991

Mrs. Carola Adolf  AUS  (Trimming)
Mrs. Audrey Bryant  USA (Trimming/Health)
Mrs. Carolina Leijonflycht DVM  Sweden (Trimming)

Dr. Kerry Ridgway – Veterinary Consultant
Dr. Amy Hayek – Veterinary Consultant
Dr. Robert Bowker – Veterinary Consultant
Dr. Hermen Geertsema – Veterinary Consultant
Mrs. Claudia Garner – Trimming/Health/Nutrition
Cathrine Bird – Aromatherapy education / Herbalist
Denise Ferrugia – Helbalist
Christian Langeder – Soft Tissue Specialist
Rebecca Cooper – Bowen/Emmett